Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy 3rd BIRTHDAY Layla!

Our baby, Layla Wade turned 3 on December 31st!!!
Almost every day we marvel at how much bigger you have gotten. She looks taller. Look at how big she is. I can't believe she can do that. Those are the things Daddy and I say -- over and over again.
Your kid feet are no longer baby feet and they reach the edge of the couch. You count to 10, to 20. You spell your name (kind of). You tell me about the friends you make at school and how you pretend together. You choose your own bedtime story and recite all the words. And you sleep in your big-girl bed in your shared room with sis. Well at least until you sneak into our bed at 3:30am most mornings.
Three years ago today, I couldn't have comprehended such things. You were fragile, placed in my arms, taken from me for checkups. We brought you home and I stared at you, adored you.
Even when you started talking -- and yes, hearing you say mama turned me to mush -- we didn't have conversations. I'd ask you questions and you would answer, but that was a party trick. Now, you're all, "Mommy, look at this in my room" and "Mommy, are you mad at me?" (Nope, I'm not ever.)
I know you are still little. You still love your blankie and call it your number 1. Because you still have number 2 as well but that is only for when number 1 is in the wash. You look up to your sister in so many ways and want to be just like her when you get big. It's a special bond you and Chloe share and I can't wait to see that bond continue to grow. We love you baby girl and hope you have the best birthday yet!
This year we celebrated at our house with our close friends and family on New Year's Eve. We sang Happy Birthday and ate cake. It was a perfect little party.
I bought her this dance tutu for her birthday outfit because all she ever wants to wear is dance clothes. OR a dress - I don't think we own any jeans and hardly any pants her size at the moment. It's dresses and tights every single day.

Loved her ballerina cake!

Birthday girl with Carolyn.


Birthday Cake with Aunt Jessi

and with Poppy!


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  1. Wow this almost made me cry. As I sit here nursing my newborn and realizing how quickly this one is going to go too. So bittersweet to watch them turn into little ladies! I LOVE Layla's tutu dress. So cute! And that cake is adorable!


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