Thursday, February 18, 2016

Photo a Day in December

December was a great month complete with snow and celebrations!
December 2015
1. community (The Sugar Rush community page posted this picture this week of the girls finishing the race hand in hand. I love it!)
2. pastel (lots of pastel colors on this dresser/hutch in the playroom.)
3. behind (the usual saying of "I like big butts and I cannot lie." HA!)
4. things I'd take to a deserted island (these girls and popcorn!!)
5. my hero (my mom...always and forever.)
6. I spy (two girls ready for their dance recital.)
7. landscape (our Lego advent calendar is coming along well!)
8. organized ( or not...Christmas tree ornament chaos - I love it!)
9. family (mine)
10. toy (American Doll)
11. free choice (matching laughs and dimples.)
12. exercise (Chloe dancing to the "Gingerbread Man" at halftime of the girls varsity basketball game.)
13. noon (sugar cookies baked and decorated by noon.)
14. OOPS I threw this one in there and got off numbers.
14. Time (for the Davenport Elementary winter concert.)
15. Accessory (her pink tutu that is a must wear with every outfit!)

16. cuddly (Chloe with Cuddles, our new Elf on the Shelf reindeer pet.)
17. yellow (bananas that Ginger, our elf on the shelf got a hold of and drew minions on!)
18. steps (We are at the top of the steps at Anthropologie with Starbucks in hand ready to shop more! Great shopping day with these two!)
19. writing (Chloe's Christmas card to mom and dad. "You have been the best mom and dad so far. And I want to wish you a Merry Christmas. And I love you and I always will." The have been the best SO FAR cracks me up!)
20. I love doing this! (making s'mores at the Rusty Moose.)
21. joy (is seeing snow this year and making a snowman with your best friends!)
22. tree (with a new homemade scrabble ornament.)
23. decoration (my girls painted these at Pinot's Palette last weekend and I can't wait to decorate our home with them!)
24. lights (Santa came. Merry Christmas!)
25. makes me feel merry (my Christmas dishes, a full table with yummy spread, and my mustache wearing people! Next time I won't blink.;))
26. best bit of my week (sledding, sledding, and more sledding! We have gone in the day light, fog and the dark now.)
27. where I ate a meal today (kitchen table)
28. something awesome (Chloe and I were invited to go to dinner and "So You Think You Can Dance" with these lovely ladies tonight.)
29. sparkly (Chloe's new mermaid tail from Santa.)
30. the weather today (snowy and beautiful.)
31. celebration (Layla Wade's 3rd BIRTHDAY and of course New Year's Eve.)

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  1. Cute pictures! We did the Lego advent calendar too! Love those!


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