Monday, February 1, 2016

Photo a Day in November

In November we made lots of new memories, ones that we hope to replicate again next year!
November 2015
1. Two (girls reading books together.)
2. Flat (working on making my stomach flat, if that's even possible! I better run more than a mile next time!)
3. Cutlery (does this count?!)
4. Childhood (when you get to do all sorts of fun things! Like run the Sugar Rush 5K and eat all sorts of chocolate afterwards!)
5. 6 O'clock (A beer at the Mexican Restaurant to pick headbands with some other girls out of this grab bag o'fun.)
6. A face (haha)
7. A quote (or 4 from the Frozen movie - Frozen on Ice tonight!)
8. Wooden (Sven's sleigh)
9. Distraction (I will take this little distraction to zumba with me any day!)
10. Golden (blonde is the color of both my girls' hair)
11. Blank (What was blank is now filled...when I come home she give me a big hug. By: Chloe)
12. Curly (haired Selah is Layla's new buddy at Chloe Barta's birthday party.)
13. One word (baking)
14. Peace (Sugar Rush Revisted)
15. Flying (Throwback - like an owl)

16. Bottle (throwback to Chloe feeding Layla. Awe.)
17. Triangle (puzzle pieces)
18. Flora (my one and only right now)
19. Fauna (Chloe Kay)
20. Me
21. Old + New (old picture + new baby Chloe.)
22. Composition (Chex mix full of yummy things.)
23. Cut (me out of this photo - taken on my new phone.)
24. Go (Video of Chloe reading her very first report - all about the Orca Whale. Proud of you Chlo!)
25. Stop (peace out Davenport - next STOP McCall, ID!!)
26. 3 things I am grateful for (1. My family 2. My friends 3. New Thanksgiving memories made.)
27. This happened (Ice Skating - Layla's 1st time!)
28. Fence (or railing which we are standing behind as we took our last photo before we headed home.)
29. Black (Maggie - who missed us so much the last couple of days while we were away!)
30. Fire (that Modeana built this weekend in McCall.)

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