Saturday, February 27, 2016

swim lessons

Every winter for the past few years we have had Chloe in swim lessons at the Base. This year we were excited to have both girls signed up but it didn't work out. They didn't have enough instructors this year so we only got 1 lesson for 4 weeks. We decided since Chloe is doing so well swimming that Layla needed it more. She started the first Saturday in February and was very excited about it! What's awesome is that it is private lessons so she gets teacher Christie all to herself!
Is it time to go yet??!

Let's swim! Can you tell she is excited??!

She did SO well at her first lesson! She went under water and did all the different strokes that her teacher taught her. Way to go Buggy!!!

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  1. Love her swimsuit! You are so good about getting your girls into swim lessons! I need to do better on that. 😁


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