Monday, February 1, 2016

Thanksgiving in McCall

Thanksgiving could not have been more perfect this year. Clay and I both said it was our most favorite one yet! I was having some anxiety with it not being my most favorite holidays and the first one celebrated without my mom. When the Barta family suggested we get away and go stay in the cabin for a couple days like we did back in February we were game!
There was lots of tubing and dads swinging girls around by a rope.
We went ice skating! Buggy's FIRST TIME!
She loved it and talked about it for weeks afterwards saying she wanted to go again.

We went to this cute little shop and made mosaics which turned out so good! Chloe made a square hot plate type thing which is a keepsake I will always have to remember this weekend by! Layla made an ornament which we can get out each Christmas to put on the tree!
The boys went hunting while the girls built a fire back at the cabin. This was one of my most favorite parts just hanging out by the fire and enjoying the best company! Deana has been so good for my heart, she is truly one of my best friends and reminds me SO much of my mama! I Love you Mo!

 Other memorable moments...
We celebrated Chloe Barta's 9th birthday which fell on Thanksgiving!
The girls went in the hottub and sauna.
We watched 3 movies!! I never have time to relax and watch a movie so it was perfect!
Clay took our Treger and cooked the turkey on it and we had the most amazing Thanksgiving dinner! Another first was we were introduced by Deana to aspic salad. A new favorite according to Clay!
We hit up the pancake house again and it was once again delicious!

HamBar Framily photo!

We are so BLESSED that the Barta's came into our lives. We make some pretty awesome memories together and this is just another one in the book. THANK YOU for a fantastic Thanksgiving - we had so much fun! Looking forward to next Thanksgiving! 

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  1. How fun to go away for the holiday! Looks like you all made some wonderful memories!


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