Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Winter Dance Recital

Both girls performed in the winter dance recital this year at the beginning of December. Layla has LOVED going to dance each week and I think will truly miss it over the break. Chloe enjoys it as well and they both adore their teachers. The recital was adorable and perfect. The girls both made us so proud!
During rehearsal Chloe lost one of her flowers so Miss Angie was helping to pin it back on. 

Chloe's ballet performance "Dance of the swan."


 Backstage and pre-recital pictures


With sissy and Chloe B


 Layla with her preschool buddy, Tori
Layla's group getting pictures taken - I love her sass in this one!
Layla's tap performance "I'll be a little angel"


I love this part - Santa is watching you

And the end they stuck their tongues out at the audience and made a silly face. The song is talking about being an angel and at the end says "I'll be a little devil once again" This picture was taken during the rehearsal.
This one was taken during the recital!
And the sly grin after...
Layla's Ballet performance "Way up high in the Christmas Tree"

  Chloe's Hip Hop Performance "The Gingerbread Man"

All the dancers taking a bow.

The dance teachers had a gal taking photos throughout the day and she happened to capture this backstage. OH MY STARS I thought when I saw it!! This truly captures how much my girls love and care for each other. I now have it blown up and hanging in their bedroom that they share.
 I LOVE this picture SOOOOO much and my two precious girls!!

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