Tuesday, March 22, 2016

More Instagrams in February

More Instagrams in February...
Saturday swim lessons for miss Layla Wade.

Beautiful morning for a hike along the beach and to see the falls.

Valentine's Party Day at Preschool.

Valentine's Party Day at school for Chloe Kay!

Daddy/Daughter Dance dress shopping. So much fun and we said YES to one of these dresses!
#blababooth #photoboothfriday

A video - Layla on how to do her dance routine. Seriously hysterical!

Look who can write her name by her big girl self!!
#laylawade #growinguptoofast #preschoolrocks

Two beautiful Chloe's ready to dance with their dads.

Just hitchin' a ride on the pack board. #sundayfunday

Monday, March 21, 2016

Photo a Day in February

I can't believe we are already going into the 3rd month of the year! February was full of love as we celebrated Valentine's Day. Check it out...
 1. Drink (trying something new and it's pretty tasty!)
2. So colorful (my girl and her birthday crown. They celebrated her July birthday at school today.)
3. Car (selfie from inside the car wash.)
4. Texture (new hair do's - complete with before and after pictures.)
5. Coffee (Yay we have my fav pods again.)
6. Just now (I am gonna enjoy this view for the next hour.)
7. I ate here (breakfast in the recliner together watching cartoons.)
8. Family (and friends who we call family on a hike down at Hawk Creek. Beautiful day and mountains in the background.)
9. A corner (in Urbanna enjoying a mimosa and celebrating Danita's birthday with a spa day!)
10. Pink (invitation to the daddy/daughter dance. Chloe is so excited about this event!!)
11. A wall (behind Chloe and her candy bouquet that was delivered to school today from dad, mom and Layla for Valentine's Day.)
12. Paper (A Valentine letter from Chloe to mom and dad.)
13. A pet (Mags)
14. My happy place (sandwiched between these two beauties.)
15. Yellow + Blue (colors on the paint palette at Polka Dot Pottery. No school paint date.)
16. Empty (gun after Chloe nailed her targets several times. Proud daddy moment!)
17. A door (behind this silly tutu wearing girl. And yes she wore this out and about today.)
18. In the background (sun rays shining down on us while we celebrate National Wine Drinking Day. Cheers to those no longer with us!)
19. Breakfast (coffee cake muffins for my babies.)
20. Keeping fit (lifting weights in the gym.)
21. Hobby (taking pictures. Chloe actually took this one.)
22. Ice cream (and a must have cone to go with!)
23. Pastel (Their Pastel colored room got a little GREEN added to their beds with St. Patty's Day garlands. I spy a little girl jumping on her bed too.)
24. Path (alongside the creek on our way to the bonfire in Elk last weekend.)
25. Peek-a-boo (hiding behind her name that she wrote all by herself!)
26. Out of place (is how I feel about this corsage in my fridge when my big girl is only 7!)
27. A shape (flowers, butterflies and a tree that is in the making for the father/daughter dance tonight!)
28. I LOVE this! (picture of Layla on our hike to go fishing today.)
29. Leap

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Here fishy fishy fishy

On Sunday February 28th we went on a little hike/fishing adventure with the Barta Family. It was about mid-day and we didn't have much going on so we packed up and headed down to Hawk Creek hoping to catch a fish. We didn't catch any fish but we did get some exercise, built a fire and enjoyed each other's company while trying. About an hour into it the wind came up and it got nasty out so we packed up and headed home before the rain started coming down.
Headed to the trail...

Layla's first time fishing!

Hi mom!

Life was meant for good friends and GREAT adventures!

The pack board worked great for Layla to hitch a ride out on.

From behind.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Daddy/Daughter Dance

At the beginning of the school year I went to a Parent Group meeting and somehow left that meeting as the President! Funny how these things happen. Anyways we are fundraising this year in hopes to buy all K-8 students next fall Gorilla t-shirts. A lot of Fridays are red and white days and some kids don't have shirts so we thought this would be a great thing for all the kids. Our first fundraiser happened on the last Saturday of February. It was called An Enchanted Evening aka Father/Daughter Dance. The dance was such a HUGE success that we are hoping to do it every year going forward. We made up invitations and handed them out in the classrooms for the girls to take home to invite their dads. Chloe was SO excited to ask Clay and go to the dance. The night of the dance Dave and Clay took Chloe and Chloe out to dinner and then to the dance. It was a very special evening for the girls to get all dressed up and have a date with their dads. Clay wasn't super excited to be going as he doesn't love to dance but when they got home all we heard was how much FUN they had! I wish I could have been a fly on the wall but hearing the stories was almost as good. 
The decorations were all fairies - this is the main fairy blowing out butterflies. All the classes decorated and colored the butterflies which made it fun for the girls to find theirs at the dance.

The waterfall as you came in.
Entrance into the dance.
The Davenport Gorilla Parent Group Board!
There was 2 photo booths at the dance - this one that was a funny/fun prop type one.

Then here is the formal photo booth. This was a professional picture that the dads and their girls could take home that night.

 Back at home while I was busy decorating Aunt Jessi was busy curling hair. Thank goodness she came home from college this weekend because I didn't realize the decorating would take as much time as it did.

Our gorgeous girl.

Chloe and Chloe
I did receive this photo from the dance!! Looks like fun girls!
The professional picture that came home. I love it and these two!
Funny photo booth pictures...