Monday, March 14, 2016

Daddy/Daughter Dance

At the beginning of the school year I went to a Parent Group meeting and somehow left that meeting as the President! Funny how these things happen. Anyways we are fundraising this year in hopes to buy all K-8 students next fall Gorilla t-shirts. A lot of Fridays are red and white days and some kids don't have shirts so we thought this would be a great thing for all the kids. Our first fundraiser happened on the last Saturday of February. It was called An Enchanted Evening aka Father/Daughter Dance. The dance was such a HUGE success that we are hoping to do it every year going forward. We made up invitations and handed them out in the classrooms for the girls to take home to invite their dads. Chloe was SO excited to ask Clay and go to the dance. The night of the dance Dave and Clay took Chloe and Chloe out to dinner and then to the dance. It was a very special evening for the girls to get all dressed up and have a date with their dads. Clay wasn't super excited to be going as he doesn't love to dance but when they got home all we heard was how much FUN they had! I wish I could have been a fly on the wall but hearing the stories was almost as good. 
The decorations were all fairies - this is the main fairy blowing out butterflies. All the classes decorated and colored the butterflies which made it fun for the girls to find theirs at the dance.

The waterfall as you came in.
Entrance into the dance.
The Davenport Gorilla Parent Group Board!
There was 2 photo booths at the dance - this one that was a funny/fun prop type one.

Then here is the formal photo booth. This was a professional picture that the dads and their girls could take home that night.

 Back at home while I was busy decorating Aunt Jessi was busy curling hair. Thank goodness she came home from college this weekend because I didn't realize the decorating would take as much time as it did.

Our gorgeous girl.

Chloe and Chloe
I did receive this photo from the dance!! Looks like fun girls!
The professional picture that came home. I love it and these two!
Funny photo booth pictures...


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  1. It looks like it was the perfect night! I was so bummed my girls couldn't go. We had family in from out of town and a birthday party next year!


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