Tuesday, March 22, 2016

More Instagrams in February

More Instagrams in February...
Saturday swim lessons for miss Layla Wade.

Beautiful morning for a hike along the beach and to see the falls.

Valentine's Party Day at Preschool.

Valentine's Party Day at school for Chloe Kay!

Daddy/Daughter Dance dress shopping. So much fun and we said YES to one of these dresses!
#blababooth #photoboothfriday

A video - Layla on how to do her dance routine. Seriously hysterical!

Look who can write her name by her big girl self!!
#laylawade #growinguptoofast #preschoolrocks

Two beautiful Chloe's ready to dance with their dads.

Just hitchin' a ride on the pack board. #sundayfunday

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