Monday, March 21, 2016

Photo a Day in February

I can't believe we are already going into the 3rd month of the year! February was full of love as we celebrated Valentine's Day. Check it out...
 1. Drink (trying something new and it's pretty tasty!)
2. So colorful (my girl and her birthday crown. They celebrated her July birthday at school today.)
3. Car (selfie from inside the car wash.)
4. Texture (new hair do's - complete with before and after pictures.)
5. Coffee (Yay we have my fav pods again.)
6. Just now (I am gonna enjoy this view for the next hour.)
7. I ate here (breakfast in the recliner together watching cartoons.)
8. Family (and friends who we call family on a hike down at Hawk Creek. Beautiful day and mountains in the background.)
9. A corner (in Urbanna enjoying a mimosa and celebrating Danita's birthday with a spa day!)
10. Pink (invitation to the daddy/daughter dance. Chloe is so excited about this event!!)
11. A wall (behind Chloe and her candy bouquet that was delivered to school today from dad, mom and Layla for Valentine's Day.)
12. Paper (A Valentine letter from Chloe to mom and dad.)
13. A pet (Mags)
14. My happy place (sandwiched between these two beauties.)
15. Yellow + Blue (colors on the paint palette at Polka Dot Pottery. No school paint date.)
16. Empty (gun after Chloe nailed her targets several times. Proud daddy moment!)
17. A door (behind this silly tutu wearing girl. And yes she wore this out and about today.)
18. In the background (sun rays shining down on us while we celebrate National Wine Drinking Day. Cheers to those no longer with us!)
19. Breakfast (coffee cake muffins for my babies.)
20. Keeping fit (lifting weights in the gym.)
21. Hobby (taking pictures. Chloe actually took this one.)
22. Ice cream (and a must have cone to go with!)
23. Pastel (Their Pastel colored room got a little GREEN added to their beds with St. Patty's Day garlands. I spy a little girl jumping on her bed too.)
24. Path (alongside the creek on our way to the bonfire in Elk last weekend.)
25. Peek-a-boo (hiding behind her name that she wrote all by herself!)
26. Out of place (is how I feel about this corsage in my fridge when my big girl is only 7!)
27. A shape (flowers, butterflies and a tree that is in the making for the father/daughter dance tonight!)
28. I LOVE this! (picture of Layla on our hike to go fishing today.)
29. Leap

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