Tuesday, April 26, 2016

St. Paddy's Day FIVE

On Sunday March 13th the girls and I participated in our first St. Paddy's Day 5 run. When I signed up for this run I thought it was a 5K (3 miles), but a couple days prior to the race I found out it was actually 5 MILES. I will say I was very nervous and did not think I could run the whole race. I have never ran 5 miles before...EVER! The weather was perfect, I started slow and kept pace with another gal and I. DID. IT!!!! I felt SO accomplished and proud of myself. My family and the Barta's were there cheering me on at the end which meant so much to me. When I finished the girls did their little run which was a lap around the track and got ribbons. Afterwards we all went to eat at Dave's Bar and Grill which has the best food and I got me a green beer just cause I deserved one. HA!

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