Sunday, May 15, 2016

Superhero 5k

On the morning of Saturday March 26th Chloe and I went and had a date just us to run the Superhero Fun Run. It was her first 5k (3 miles) in which we ran, almost the whole thing!! She did SUPER great and I am proud of her for doing it. Our race times were 38:01 and 38:02. After the race we came right home to get ready for the dance recital. Quick and fun morning spending time with my big girl. Daddy and Layla were at home doing the annual Lions Club Easter Egg hunt so they were having their own special date just them as well. 

After race COOKIES!

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  1. Wow I am super impressed that she ran almost the whole thing! Way to go Chloe! I tried to take K running once. I think we are too different. She is a sprinter with bursts of speed and then gets really tired, whereas I like to go slow and steady. It did not work out well. Lol!


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