Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Day 6 and 7 Mexico

Our last full day in Mexico Clay and I started the day out with a long walk around the property. Then we spent the rest of the day relaxing by the pool and soaking up the sun. That night the whole crew went to dinner at a restaurant none of us had been before and it was good. They had turtles you could feed which our girls would have loved! It was a good LAST day.

Cheers to this amazing trip!

Oh Deana!!!

Love you babe!

Turtles! There were hundreds of them!

On Day 7 we packed our bags, sat by the pool for a couple more hours and ate our LAST order of fish tacos. Clay and I headed to the airport as everyone else stayed (they left the next day). We had an AMAZING and UNFORGETTABLE trip. Thank you to these people that have become family - we couldn't imagine this trip without you all! XOXO

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Day 5 Mexico

Day 5 started out with almost the whole crew going to breakfast at the yummy place we found down by the pier. Again it was delicious and the others were glad they got up early and went with us. When we got back I was ready to check something off my bucket list....parasailing!!! I shall say it was awesome, very peaceful and quiet all the way up there but also pretty scary!! I probably wouldn't do it again unless it was off the back of a boat and a 2 person sling. I think that would be more fun. Since I went off the beach I had to listen to the whistles and pull the cord at the right time to land. I wanted to do this last time we went to Mexico so I am glad I can now say I have done it! The rest of the afternoon we lounged by the pool and then just ordered in pizza that night.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Day 4 Mexico

On Day 4 the boys all went golfing. Deana and I got up and went to the beach to try paddle boarding. It was hard!! I fell immediately as I tried to stand up but then got into a grove. Not long into it we just sat on the paddle boards and paddled around. My legs were shaking when we got off. Since we didn't use our whole hour we asked if we could try boogie boarding too. That wasn't my favorite but Deana loved it and she really got the hang of it!

When we got back to our room the boys were still golfing so we decided to take advantage of our 2 free massages. It was a really good massage and felt great. Then it was time to eat!
Our FAVORITE food - fish tacos poolside. AMAZING!!!

Our favorite pool boy - Carlos!

When the boys were done golfing we decided to get a cab and go to Bucerias which is another town about half hour away. One of our favorite restaurants is there and you get to eat on the beach.
Our cabbie had the smallest Coronas I have ever seen! 

The market in Bucerias is super fun too! They kept calling Clay "Mr. Clean" haha!
We bought the girls both dresses here.
During dinner we see these guys strolling along the beach with horses. I jokingly say "let's do it!" Art immediately calls them over and the next thing I know I'm riding a horse on the beach into the sunset. A super fun and hilarious first!

Our boys - xoxo

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Day 3 Mexico

 Day 3 was maybe my favorite day in Mexico. Dave and Deana and Clay and I shared a room, well basically we each had our own bedrooms and bathrooms but shared the kitchen and living space. We would wake up before the others so on this day the four of us walked down the beach to the pier. There we found a restaurant that overlooked the marina. Our plan was to just order a drink but then we all ended up ordering breakfast as well. It was AMAZING!!!

View from the Pier

View from the restaurant.

By time we walked back it was time to hit the pool!

   Barta bomb at the swim up bar. Shots for all the girls!

Back up at our room...




Beach PARTY night!
It was a buffet style dinner, which was DELICIOUS on the beach with entertainment. Barta got pulled up on stage which was hilarious and this was such a FUN night!! 

Gorgeous sunset!


Shenanigans!!! Love these people!


GOOD night!!