Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Dance Recital

On Saturday March 26th when Chloe and I returned from the Super Hero run we immediately starting getting ready for the girls dance recital. They both looked so pretty.
Ready to go!

And we had to do a silly one of course!
Chloe went to rehearsal earlier than Layla so we were trying to pass the time as she was so anxious to go as well!

Layla with friend Tori and 2 other girls in her class.
 Layla and preschool friend Stacy

 Chloe's Hip Hop routine ended with this.

All of the dancers

The girls with their medals.

Flowers and stuffed bunnies since Easter was the next day.

Dance teachers Miss Lindsey and Miss Angie did an amazing job with all of the kids and put on another fantastic recital. I'm so proud of my girls and all of the other dancers as well!

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  1. It was such a great show! Love the pictures of the girls at home.


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