Sunday, June 26, 2016

Day 3 Mexico

 Day 3 was maybe my favorite day in Mexico. Dave and Deana and Clay and I shared a room, well basically we each had our own bedrooms and bathrooms but shared the kitchen and living space. We would wake up before the others so on this day the four of us walked down the beach to the pier. There we found a restaurant that overlooked the marina. Our plan was to just order a drink but then we all ended up ordering breakfast as well. It was AMAZING!!!

View from the Pier

View from the restaurant.

By time we walked back it was time to hit the pool!

   Barta bomb at the swim up bar. Shots for all the girls!

Back up at our room...




Beach PARTY night!
It was a buffet style dinner, which was DELICIOUS on the beach with entertainment. Barta got pulled up on stage which was hilarious and this was such a FUN night!! 

Gorgeous sunset!


Shenanigans!!! Love these people!


GOOD night!! 

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