Thursday, June 2, 2016

Photo a Day in March

Our March was full of fun activities!!
It was another great month in 2016 and now we are on to April...
MARCH 2016

1. Green (close-up of the St. Patty's garlands on the girls beds.)
2. Good (Birthday! Grammy surprised Clay with his favorite dinner and dessert to celebrate his 35th tonight!)
3. Art (painted by LW at Polka Dot Pottery.)
4. Weather (in Richland is 60 degrees.)
5. Square (foam blocks at Get Air in Tri-Cities. So much fun!)
6. Neutrals (the only colors you will see in a hotel room.)
7. HELLO! (Layla sporting the "Elle Belle" braids.)
8. Making (a big playdoh mess!)
9. Everyday (books and giggles before bedtime.)
10. Collection (one of her MANY dresses!)
11. Clouds (on the way home from Spokane)
12. Abstract (art behind the girls as we take a photo before the St. Patrick's Day parade gets started.)
13. This is funny (the kids giving us bunny ears in this picture from yesterday.)
14. People (the one of mine that says she doesn't need a nap after preschool. UH Huh sure!)
15. Gift (Chloe Kay is my creative and crafty girl.)

16.Fruit (grapes right?! Cheers!)
17. Throw it (she didn't catch a Leprechaun so we might have to toss this one and make a new trap next year!)
18. Big and small (all the kids at the movie Zootopia.)
19. Cooking (or baking actually, Easter cupcakes.)
20. Movement (too much for this girl and now she just crashed out on mam's lap.)
21. This is new (bubbles!)
22. Vegetable (celery with my tuna. It's what's for lunch.)
23. A favorite (thing to do at the dentist is brush the monster's teeth.)
24. Hands (in the egg dye and now they look like an Easter egg!)
25. Toy (ready for the Lions Club Egg Hunt. Will it be all candy or a toy?)
26. Minimal (We didn't dress up a ton for the Super Hero Fun Run but had a great time regardless.)
27. Flying (LOOK! I found a picture posted of Chloe and I flying thru the finish line yesterday at the Super Hero Race. Ending time 38 minutes!)
28. Happiness (my girls loving on their new name pillows that I made them for Easter. Makes my heart happy.)
29. Night lights (the girls love their new night light and diffuser that can change colors and diffuse sleepy time oils.)
30. Buddies (Layla's first play date! I love this picture of her with that big smile looking at preschool friend Tori.)
31. Half (glass half full or half empty?)

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  1. Great pictures! Your girls just get cuter and cuter!


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