Thursday, July 7, 2016

Preschool Program

On Thursday May 26th we went to Layla's end of the year preschool program. She is not graduating yet but four of her friends are and her best friend is moving to Mexico. That leaves Layla and one other little girl for the fall and lots of new friends, which will be fun! Layla has learned so much this year at preschool - the biggest being able to write her own name! We love Miss Joan, she is an amazing teacher and so loving. She made a keepsake book for us with different things the class did this past year and it means so much to us to have!
We love you Layla Wade and are SO PROUD of you!

Pledge of Alliegence

Singing songs and doing the alphabet and letter sounds.

Lunch afterwards!

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  1. So sweet! I can't wait for another year with Mrs. Joan! She's the best!


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