Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Wine Run

On Saturday May 14th some girlfriends and I drove to Kennewick for the Ultimate Wine Run 5K. Let me just say this was an experience! I don't know that you could have actually ran. The trail was literally thru a vineyard and the terrain was rocky, sandy and you had to watch for holes. A lady actually fell down in front of us even! PLUS to make it that much more worse it started pouring down rain as we neared the finish line. We were going to stay and eat at the food trucks and dance along with the music but the rain totally ran us out of there. While we waited for our bus (you couldn't even drive up to the winery you had to take a huge bus) we got soaked. Starving, we headed to get food next. After we ate the plan was to spend the night at Mal's house but the fun was over and we were ready to go home. I think we got home a little after midnight. I will not be doing this fun run again unfortunately but I did still manage to have some fun with my friends at least...


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